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Andrew Weaver, MLA, on coal mining in British Columbia

Andrew Weaver talks with host Gregor Craigie,
CBC's On the Island, May 8 2015

CBC: "We ask why green party MLA Andrew Weaver wrote a blog post in favour of BC coal mines.'

About 2:15 into the podcast ...

Craigie:"In the past, Andrew Weaver, you have spoken out against the Raven Coal Mine proposal on Vancouver Island. It's a metallurgical coal mine. Have you changed your mind on that?"

Weaver: "NO! (with emphasis) In fact, many would argue that the Raven coal is not actually of the calibre and quality to be classified as metallurgical coal. ...

"There's a couple of things. There's that. Secondly, there's the location where Raven Coal is, and thirdly, it's important for the concerns of local residents, including First Nations in the area, to be listened to."

"In the Kootenays, the people there are supportive of this industry. This is in their back yard; they've grown up with it; they feel at times vilified by people who mix thermal and metallurgical coal together; [and] they take pride in preserving the area that they live in."

"In the Raven Coal, further up-Island, there were very legitimate questions as to whether this is actually going to produce coal of metallurgical quality, number one. Number two is the economics weren't going to work. And number three is, the location of the coal mine to local communities and lack of support by those communities. This is in their back yard and their concerns need to be listened to."

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