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Climate Change

The Obama administration is about to kneecap its own efforts to reform coal leasing

David Roberts,, April 1 2016


Over the past year or so, the Obama administration has shown increasing sympathy toward the new climate activism mantra: "Keep it in the ground."

Trudeau and premiers need to phase out dirty coal

Ed Whittingham & Peter Robinson, Leader Post, March 3 2016

Where does our electricity come from? In a warming world — increasingly dependent on smartphones and driven by electric vehicles — it is an important question.

Obama Takes a Crucial Step on Climate Change

Richard L. Revesz & Jack Lienkeaug, NY Times, Aug 3 2015

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan has rightly been hailed as the most important action any president has taken to address the climate crisis.

The new rule requires the nation’s power plants to cut their carbon dioxide emissions to 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Increase in shellfish deaths causes 'full-scale panic' for B.C. industry

Glenda Luymes, The Province, February 17 2015

Despite insatiable demand, many are concerned B.C.’s once-thriving shellfish industry could be sinking.

Coal Mine's Rejection on Global-Warming Grounds Has Major Implications

John H. Cushman Jr., InsideClimate News, Jul 1, 2014

If the judge's reasoning holds up in other cases it could undermine the rationales for much bigger projects, such as the Keystone XL pipeline.

A federal judge has blocked a coal project in the wilds of Colorado because federal agencies failed to consider the future global-warming damages from burning fossil fuels.

U.S. District Court Judge R. Brooke Johnson's decision halts exploration proposed by Arch Coal that would have bulldozed six miles of roads on 1,700 untrammeled acres of public land.

BC Conference of the United Church asks Port Metro Vancouver to reject US coal exports

News Release, BC Conference of the United Church of Canada, June 2 2014

British Columbia Conference of the United Church of Canada asks Port Metro Vancouver to reject US coal exports

--- province wide motion calls on Port Authority to reject application from Fraser Surrey Docks to export US thermal coal

VTACC issues notice of legal challenge of Texada Island coal export permit approval

News Release, Voters Taking Action on Climate Change, May 15 2014

Challenge will argue use of Mines Act to issue coal port permit illegal, process unfair

Shipping coal to China pollutes air in B.C.

Calvin Sandborn, Kyle McNeill & Rosie Jacobs, Vancouver Sun, April 15, 2014

Ship it today, breathe it tomorrow

Dragons to the rescue of shellfish?

John Harding, Parksville Qualicum Beach News, Feb 27, 2014

A local man who will face the Dragons may have the answer to a beast of a problem facing local shellfish producers.

Shellfish support

John Harding, Editor, Parksville Qualicum Beach News, Feb 27, 2014

If Roberta Stevenson sounds defensive, it may be appropriate to cut her some slack.

Coal blow as major European bank cuts funding

Nilima Choudhury

EBRD joins World Bank and European Investment Bank in slashing funding for coal

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has approved a five-year strategy to limit financing coal projects and increase investment in clean technology and energy efficiency.

We cannt ignore reality forever

Peter Nix, Comox Valley Record, June 17 2013

Dear editor,

I experienced an unpleasant surprise reading Scott Stanfield’s June 12 article about “Companies lining up with more coal mine proposals in Comox Valley Region.”

NW governors ask White House to exam coal exports

Phuong Le, Associated Press, Seattle PI, March 25, 2013

SEATTLE (AP) — The governors of Washington and Oregon are urging the White House to evaluate the effects of greenhouse gasses that would be emitted elsewhere if the nation's coal is exported.

Governor Inslee Calls Coal Exports ‘The Largest Decision We Will Be Making As A State From A Carbon Pollution Standpoint’

Jessica Goad,, Jan 22 2013

Newly-minted Washington Governor Jay Inslee has been lauded for his impassioned views on environmental issues from climate change to renewable energy.  Indeed, his first official act as governor was to write a letter to a clean energy company inviting it to relocate to the state.

Scallops, too, are victims of greenhouse gas emissions

Tom Pedersen, Vancouver Sun, January 18, 2013

Hidden side to ongoing C02 emissions biting us, too

We’ve all heard about global warming, and we know the primary cause is our profligate release to the atmosphere of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the burning of fossil fuels. That warming continues to bite us: Last year was the warmest ever across the continental United States since records have been kept, and the fifth warmest in Canada.

But there is a hidden side to ongoing CO2 emissions and it’s now biting us, too. Roughly one-third of the CO2 emitted since the Industrial Revolution has dissolved into the sea and is slowly turning our oceans acidic.

How Climate Change Is Changing The Oyster Business

Jessica Camille Aguirre, NPR, Aug 2 2012

OysterAustin Docter has worked at a shellfish plant in Shelton, Wash., for 18 years and has a lot of words to describe what he calls the flavor profiles of oysters: Minerally. Metallic-y. Sweet. Buttery.

Ocean is becoming too toxic for oysters

Chris Alemany, Alberni Valley Times, April 18, 2012

Imagine if a farmer couldn't raise cattle in his field because the air was too toxic.

People who dispute global warming always claim that scientists are "alarmists" and that they are exaggerating the truth. Well, here is another "alarmist" headline for you. The Ocean is becoming toxic for oysters.

We must protect planet for future generations

Lynne Wheeler, Comox Valley Record, December 28, 2011

Dear editor,

I remember squaring off against 'the environmentalists' back in the '90s when a person didn't want to admit that they worked in the forest industry.

Today, I am an activist working hard to preserve a future for my grandson and future generations.

An acidic ocean threatens shellfish farms

Brennan Clarke, Globe and Mail, Oct. 30, 2011

Victoria - For more than two decades, Rob Saunders grew his shellfish larvae in ordinary seawater drawn from the pristine natural environment of Baynes Sound, one of the most productive shellfish farming areas on B.C.’s West Coast.

Local Communities and Carbon Dioxide Emissions

By Ray Grigg, Montreal Gazette, August 12, 2011

Responsibility for reducing carbon dioxide emissions is falling to cities, municipalities and regional districts because wider efforts during the last 30 years to ameliorate the threat of global climate change are not working. Multiple negotiations sponsored by the United Nation's have been unsuccessful. Developing nations such as China, India and Brazil are determined to follow the destructive example of industrialized countries which, in turn, are reluctant to risk economic advantage by reducing their emissions.

A coal-fired plant and the lie of the land

MARK JACCARD, Globe and Mail, Aug. 11, 2011

Stephen Harper can’t allow new coal-fired electricity plants to be built, such as the one Maxim Power is proposing in Alberta, and achieve his promise to reduce Canadian greenhouse-gas emissions 17 per cent by 2020. As a researcher of energy-economy systems, I say this with virtual certainty. I also know that any scholar in my field would agree with me, and that the Prime Minister’s expert advisers would tell him the same thing. The reasons are simple.

Is BC about to drop a new carbon bomb?

Marc Lee, CCPA Policy Note, July 11th, 2011

Any day now the BC government should be releasing the latest greenhouse gas data for the province, and we will see if any progress is being made towards a legislated 33% reduction in emissions by 2020 (relative to 2007 levels; data will be for 2009 and we know that emissions rose in 2008).

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