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Behind The Corps/ Ecology Break Up Over Coal

Ashley Ahearn, Earthfix, Sep 9 2013

As some of you may have seen, the Army Corps made a pretty major announcement on Friday last week that largely slipped under the radar - mainly because they didn’t notify the news media.

The announcement was that the corps will be conducting a separate environmental review of the Millennium Bulk Export Terminal from the state Department of Ecology. The terminal is proposed to be built near Longview, Wash and would handle 44 million tons of coal per year.

BC Mining company underestimates spill

Doris Bregolisse, Global News, September 9 2013

COALMONT — An environmental review has found Coalmont Energy Corp extremely underestimated how much coal slurry spilled from the Basin Mine emergency tailing pond into the Tulameen River at the end of August.

“Our mine experts are pegging it about 30 cubic meters which is about 6,000 gallons” said Coalmont Media Spokesman, Keith Meldrum in a Global Okanagan interview on August 26th.

What if coal slurry spilled at Raven Coal Mine?

John Snyder,, Sept 10 2013

On Saturday August 24, 2013 a malfunction of a containment pond at Coalmont Energy’s Basin Coal Mine 20 km. west of Princeton, BC, spilled what is estimated at “ no more than 13,000 gallons” of coal slurry, which eventually made its way into the nearby Tulameen River turning it black.This coal slurry spill was characterized by Coalmont Energy as an event which just happened to exceed their backup plan, and “mainly had a visual impact” on the environment. This is a small consolation to the residents in the area, their drinking water, and the critters in the impacted waterways which had above acceptable levels of contamination for aquatic life days after the spill.

All In The Same Boat

New Coalmont Courier, August 31 2013

The public information session with Coalmont Energy Corporation took place at the Tulameen Community Hall this Friday evening.

Company withdraws from underground coal mine in Comox Valley

Scott Stanfield, Comox Valley Record, August 26, 2013

Documents from Compliance Energy Corp. reveal that I-Comox Coal, a subsidiary of Itochu Corp., has issued notice that it will withdraw from Comox Joint Venture, according to CoalWatch Comox Valley.

Tulameen River: Water Worries Continue

Editorial, New Coalmont Courier, Aug 27 2013

Rumours and conflicting reports are muddying the waters after coal mine spill turns river black. We need to talk.

We’ve been waiting to get information about what is happening with the Tulameen River water. There’s a lot of very angry people and it would be appropriate for the Coalmont Energy Corporation to tell them what is going on. Especially since it’s been two days and the story is starting to circulate elsewhere. Notably, Global News has a story with facts which are different from what we know here. What is going on?

Coal slurry escapes from containment pond, turns Tulameen river black

Justin McElroy, Global News, August 27 2013

Approximately 6,000 gallons of coal tailings from Coalmont Energy spilled over the banks of their containment pond Saturday, causing the Tulameen River to turn black.

The Coal Export Bubble

Coal's price collapse spells trouble for terminals' investors.

There’s been so much news on the coal export front of late—the massive scope of the proposed Gateway-Pacific terminal’s Environmental Impact Statement; the Lummi Nation’s unequivocal opposition to a coal terminal at Cherry Point; and recent revelations about the ongoing financial woes of coal terminal developer Ambre Energy—that it’s hard not to sense that Northwest coal export projects are on the ropes.

Washington approach to coal superior

Brian Morton, Vancouver Sun, Associated Press, August 2, 2013

State more likely to consult public and consider impacts

A two-year statewide environmental study on exporting millions of tons of coal through a terminal north of Seattle contrasts sharply with what's being done in B.C. as the province debates increased coal exports, according to provincial environment groups.

Dundee Base Metals & Coal Commodity Price Forecast: Chinese Credit Crunch reduces Growth Expectations Again

Base Metals & Coal, Dundee Capital Markets, July 8 2013

In this report, analysts forecast coal and base metal prices assuming that a credit crisis does not develop in China, and "stress testing" the effect on commodity prices if a credit crisis does develop in China.

CoalWatch note: Dundee's "Bear Case" scenario envisions a slide in metallurgical coal (hard coking coal or HCC) through 2013 to $123 per tonne, and a slide in thermal coal to $66/tonne. At these prices, the proposed Raven Underground Coal Project is not likely to attract any investor interest, if indeed it is even viable.

Are coal mine benefits worth the downside?

Campbell Connor, Comox Valley Record, July 31 2013

Dear editor,

After nearly four years of controversy over the proposed Raven Coal Mine, we now see a proliferation of exploration applications throughout the Comox Valley and further north.

It really is time to decide if we, the citizens, want to live in a coal-induced wasteland or not.

India eyes B.C.’s coal reserves as it ramps up steel production

Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun, July 28, 2013

Delegation meets with B.C.’s premier, new international trade minister

India wants to buy a bigger chunk of B.C.’s vast metallurgical coal reserves to feed its growing steel industry, a potential boost to the province’s No. 1 export business, worth $5.7 billion a year.

A high-level delegation led by India’s Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma was in B.C. this month and met with Premier Christy Clark, International Trade Minister Teresa Wat and B.C. coal industry representatives.

CoalWatch discovers vast number of new coal licence applications in Comox Valley

Press Release, CoalWatch Comox Valley, July 22 2013

In the past week CoalWatch Comox Valley has uncovered 18 new coal license applications that have been filed for tenures in the Comox Valley area. These coal license applications were filed with the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas, between May 10, 2013 and May 24, 2013, by Feisa Resources Canada and Golden River Resource Inc.

Golden River Resource Inc. has filed 8 coal license applications, with 4 applications in the Anderson Lake area, just north of Comox Lake, and 4 applications in the Oyster River area. The total area covered in the Golden River applications is 9,075 hectares.

Coal mine watchdog 'stunned' by 18 new applications in and around Comox Valley
  Renee Andor, Comox Valley Record, July 24 2013
CBC On The Island
  Khalil Akhtar talks with John Snyder, July 24 2013
Appalachia-North? 18 new coal mine proposals for Comox Valley
  Damien Gillis,, July 23 2013
New coal applications in Comox Valley, CoalWatch claims
  Comox Valley Record, July 23 2013
Two companies join Valley coal rush
  Michael Briones, Comox Valley Echo, July 23 2013
And while we were all busy watching the 2013 BC Election.. 18 new Coal mine proposals popped up on Vancouver island
  Laila Yuile,, July 23 2013
Indian steel industry looks to BC for coal
  Colleen Kimmett, The Tyee, July 23 2013
Coal Applications
  The Eagle FM 97.3
Coalwatch Comox Valley Sounds the Alarm
  Jet FM &, July 22 2013

Coal mine watchdog 'stunned' by 18 new applications in and around Comox Valley

Renee Andor, Comox Valley Record, July 24, 2013

Two more companies have applied for 18 coal licences in the Comox Valley area, covering up to over 22,000 hectares.

Two companies join Valley coal rush

Michael Briones, Comox Valley Echo, July 23 2013

Raven coal mine concerns heard

Scott Stanfield, Comox Valley Record, June 27, 2013

The regional district board heard several concerns Tuesday about another coal licence application from Compliance Coal Corporation. The company — which is the proponent of the proposed Raven underground coal mine in Baynes Sound and which holds a 60 per cent interest in the Bear Coal Deposit south of Comox Lake — has also expressed interest in exploring coal resources near Anderson Lake above Forbidden Plateau north of Comox Lake.

Coal foes aim to draw cruise ships into fight with port

Jeff Nagel, Peace Arch News, June 26, 2013

Anti-coal activists have trained their crosshairs on the cruise ship industry as a way to exert more pressure on Port Metro Vancouver to block expanded coal exports.

We cannt ignore reality forever

Peter Nix, Comox Valley Record, June 17 2013

Dear editor,

I experienced an unpleasant surprise reading Scott Stanfield’s June 12 article about “Companies lining up with more coal mine proposals in Comox Valley Region.”

Metro votes to oppose new coal terminal on Fraser River

Jeff Nagel, Surrey North Delta Leader, June 14, 2013

Metro Vancouver's board has dealt a blow to a proposed new coal export terminal in Surrey, voting 21-4 to oppose the project that has been under steady fire from both climate change activists and concerned neighbours.

Valley coal ‘the new gold rush’

Lise Broadley, Comox Valley Echo, June 14 2013

Cumberland councillor and Comox Valley Regional District director Gwyn Sproule seemed dismayed Tuesday when she called coal mining the Comox Valley's "new gold rush."

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