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CEAA Posts Aboriginal Funding Awards

CEAA, November 19, 2010

Participant Funding Program - Aboriginal Funding Envelope
President’s Funding Award Decision Report
Award of Federal Funds for the Combined Phase I and Phase II Funding for the Raven Underground Coal Mine Project

Aboriginal Funding Envelope

The President of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) has reviewed the report and recommendations of the Funding Review Committee (FRC) for the Raven Underground Coal Mine Project (the Project). The FRC recommended the awarding of funding to twelve applicants. The President of the Agency awarded funds based on the FRC recommendations for eleven applicants and made an adjustment to the funding award amount for the twelfth applicant, the Laich-Kwil-Tach Treaty Society (LKTS). The reason for this adjustment is indicated below.

The LKTS represents three Aboriginal groups in the British Columbia treaty negotiation process, including the We Wai Kai First Nation, the Wei Wai Kum First Nation, and the Kwiakah First Nation. However, the We Wai Kai First Nation has informed the Agency that for the purposes of this environmental assessment, they will be representing themselves directly and they have applied for funding through a joint application with the K'ómoks and Qualicum First Nations.

Given this consideration, the funding awarded to the LKTS will be adjusted from $56,271 to $40,300.

The President of the Agency awards funding in the amount of $432,693.40 to the twelve applicants as outlined in the table below.


More information is available in Funding Review Committee's Report (Combined Phase I and Phase II Funding)