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CoalWatch report takes a closer look at Raven Coal Mine job projections

Media Release, CoalWatch, November 5 2012

CoalWatch Comox Valley released today a report entitled “Raven Underground Mine Job Projections - A Closer Look.” The report was prepared by Comox Valley’s Alice de Wolff and Associates. The purpose of the report is to contribute to the assessment of the economic impact on the Comox Valley of Compliance Energy Corporations (CEC) proposed Raven Underground Coal Mine Project.

“This report presents a detailed discussion of the Raven Coal Mine proponent’s employment projections, that is unlikely to be presented by the company in its forthcoming Application/Environmental Impact Statement,” said CoalWatch president John Snyder. “Alice de Wolff’s report takes an in-depth look at these job projections, and calls many of them into serious question.”

The report looks at six questions about the projected jobs at the proposed Raven Underground Coal Mine. The first two sections examine the extent to which CEC’s promises of full-time employment and wage levels are likely to be accurate. The third and forth sections examine who might be hired at the mine, and whether those workers are likely to be found in the Comox Valley. The fifth section outlines concerns about the health and safety of the jobs, and the sixth discusses the likelihood of spin-off jobs being in the Comox Valley.

“Alice de Wolff has been a labour market researcher and analyst for over 20 years, and we’re grateful for her in-depth report”, said Snyder. “This report makes more socio-economic information available to the public, and will add to the continued public dialogue on the socio-economic impacts of this massive coal mine project in our community.”

The full report can be viewed on the CoalWatch website: