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Coalwatch Research Exposes Large Area of Coal Interest in the Comox Valley

News Release, CoalWatch Comox Valley, February 12 2015

Recent research done by the CoalWatch Comox Valley Society has revealed that current coal license applications and existing coal tenures in the Comox Valley equal a staggering 33.6% of the total land area in the Comox Valley Regional District.

A break down of these figures indicates Compliance Coal Corporation, the proponent of the Raven Coal Mine Project, has a total of 32,494 hectares in coal license tenures and fee simple coal tenures.

Skyland Resources coal license applications total 11,550 hectares. Golden River Resources coal license applications total 11,325 hectares, and Hillsborough Resources has a total of 2,546 hectares in coal license tenures.

These coal license applications and coal tenure areas stretch from the Oyster River area to Cook Creek south of Fanny Bay. They include areas that impact all of the watersheds flowing into Baynes Sound, and other sensitive watersheds such as Comox Lake, Oyster River, Tsolum River, Browns River and the Puntledge River.

“ While CoalWatch isn’t implying exploration and future coal mine development will extend to all of these areas of interest, we believe these areas of interest should be viewed within the context of the current debate on Raven Coal Mine proposal.” said CoalWatch president John Snyder.

“I certainly think it’s fair to ask what the effect would be if the Raven Coal Mine Project was approved, and would it be the first step on the slippery slope to further exploration and coal development in the other parts of the Comox Valley.” said Snyder.

“ I was stunned when I calculated the total area of coal interest in the Comox Valley.” added Snyder. “ With predictions of the iconic Comox Glacier disappearing due to climate change within the next two decades, how ironic is it to see the increased interest in coal development in the Comox Valley?”

A coal tenure map and coal interest worksheet are available on the CoalWatch website:


Contact information: John Snyder 250-335-2246

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