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Compliance Energy damaged credibility

David Stern, Alberni Valley Times, March 10, 2015

Port Alberni - Your editorial regarding the Raven Coal's collapsed assessment process [Alberni Valley Times Friday, March 6, Page 4], did not properly explain the problems that their proposal faces, and Mr. Stephen Ellis's letter was mainly a red herring.

Perhaps a brief explanation as I understand the process will help. The assessment process, both federal and provincial is about mitigation. No proposal is "guilty" until proven otherwise! The assessment process allows most interested parties to a.) prove they are stakeholders! and b.) substantiate how their concerns might be affected. The proponent deals with these, as it were challenges, by adjustments etc. Compliance just ignored most of these (and some were serious) such as interference with water quality at Fanny Bay and the shell fish farms.

They also did not deal with First Nations concerns in a serious way. Any proposal is judged not only on its merits but how it responds to these concerns. Don't forget that several federal and provincial ministries are stakeholders and participate in the assessment process. All in all, Compliance damaged their credibility in several ways and if as they say they spent $20 million (which I don't believe) to get to this point then they are probably not competent to proceed with their proposal. I don't believe that they should be given a pass because many of the objections came from people and groups who were labelled "environmentalists" whatever that word means anymore.

David Stern
Port Alberni

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