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Federal Environmental Assessment is announced

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Raven Underground Coal Mine

May 21, 2010 (Update) -- Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Port Alberni Port Authority are required to ensure that a comprehensive study is conducted commencing on May 17, 2010 in relation to the development proposal: Raven Underground Coal Mine.

Compliance Coal Corporation (doing business as the Comox Joint Venture) proposes the development of an underground coal mine, including a coarse and fine rejects rock dump, located approximately 20 kilometres south of Courtenay on eastern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The proposed development would have a project footprint of about 200 hectares. The Proponent estimates that the proposed development would produce mine 44 million metric tonnes of raw coal and rock over about 20 years (average of 2.2 million tonnes per year) to produce between 1.0 and 1.5 million tonnes of saleable coal per year and would generate approximately 1,000,000 cubic metres of fine rejects and 9,000,000 cubic metres of coarse rejects during the life of mine. The majority of the proposed development would occur within the Cowie Creek drainage, which flows into Fanny Bay of Baynes Sound. Compliance Coal Corporation proposes to transport coal from the mine by truck on existing highways 80 km south to the port of Port Alberni. Port upgrading works at Port Alberni are to be conducted by the proponent to enable shipment of coal offshore.

Under section 5 and section 9 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, an environmental assessment is required in relation to this project because Fisheries and Oceans Canada may issue a permit or license under subsection 35(2) of theFisheries Act and the Port Alberni Port Authority may provide federal lands for the purpose of enabling this project to be carried out.

This project is also being assessed by the Government of British Columbia.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency will act as the Federal Environmental Assessment Coordinator for this environmental assessment.

As per the Cabinet Directive on Improving the Performance of the Regulatory System for Major Resource Projects, this environmental assessment has been identified as a major natural resource project. For additional information refer to the Major Projects Management Office's Tracker, designed to track and monitor the progress of major resource projects through the federal regulatory system.

For further information on this environmental assessment, please contact:
Andrew Rollo
Project Manager
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA)
805-1550 Alberni Street
Vancouver BC V6G 1A5
Telephone: 604-666-2458
Fax: 604-666-3493

and refer to CEAR reference number 10-03-55529

Raven Project at CEAA, CEAR reference number 10-03-55529

Raven Project at the Major Project Management Office