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Final Update for the CoalWatch Comox Valley Society

Media Release, CoalWatch Comox Valley Society, October 11, 2016

When CoalWatch was formed in late 2009, our primary mandate was to conduct research on the proposed Raven Coal Mine Project and to advocate for a robust public participation during the environmental assessment process.

After a few months it became clear the Raven Coal Mine Project was not in the best interest of the communities impacted by the Project and CoalWatch went on record as opposing the Project. Our main goal was to then prevent the Project from becoming a reality.

Earlier this year, Compliance Energy Corporation, the proponent of the Raven Coal Mine Project dissolved the company. Several months later the federal and provincial environmental assessments for the Raven Coal Mine Project were terminated. This was the final nail in the Raven Coal Mine Project coffin.

With CoalWatch achieving its goal of preventing the Raven Coal Mine Project from becoming a reality, the CoalWatch board of directors recently met to discuss the future of CoalWatch. In a unanimous decision, the CoalWatch board voted to take steps to dissolve CoalWatch as a registered Society. Those steps are currently being implemented.

CoalWatch wants to extend our gratitude to the countless organizations, local governments and individuals who joined CoalWatch in the campaign against the Raven Coal Mine Project. In the end, our relentless efforts paid off.

Every effort will be made to keep the CoalWatch website online, so the important information on the website will remain available.

In Solidarity,
John Snyder
President, CoalWatch Comox Valley Society

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