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GS Solutions Comments on the Finalized AIR/EIS Guidelines

Dr. Gilles Wendling, GW Solutions, July 5 2012

Dr Gilles Wendling from GW Solutions has completed a review of the Raven Underground Coal Project – Application Information Requirement (AIR) / Environmental Impact Assessment Statement Guidelines dated June 2012. GW Solutions have expertise in Hydrogeology and Hydrology and Dr. Wendling's criticisms and comments are constrained to those subject areas.

Based on the review completed by GW Solutions of the June 2012 AIR document, Dr. Wendling concludes: "it appears that Compliance will not use methodologies and tools adapted to the hydrogeological and hydrological aspects of the project to be assessed. In addition, the majority of the comments, concerns, and recommendations expressed during the Draft AIR public comment period (including those expressed by professionals and several levels of governments) have not been taken into account. Therefore, the environmental assessment will not be thorough and rigorous, if completed as proposed in the June 2012 AIR document.

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