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Just imagine Raven Coal’s huge pile of waste rock

John Snyder, TideChange, March 4, 2012

Dear Editor:

When looking at the discussions on the Raven Coal Mine Project over the past several years, it’s easy to get lost in all of the data and information, and it’s hard to paint an image in one’s mind of what this project will actually look like. I’d like to examine one aspect of the massive coal mine and see if you can paint your own image.

The reject or waste rock/coal amounts per year are estimated to average 1.08 million tonnes per year. To put this into perspective, if this amount of waste rock were dumped on a CFL football field it would reach an estimated height of 113 metres. Over the proposed 16 year life span of the mine this height would reach an astounding 1,808 metres. The most recent Project Description states the waste rock/coal, some of which would probably be acid-generating material, will be stockpiled above ground at the mine site in the Cowie Creek watershed, only 5 kilometers from Baynes Sound.

Imagine standing on the edge of a valley the area of 40 to 60 CFL football fields and seeing a waste rock dump up to 90 meters deep, and it’s only 5 kilometers uphill from Baynes Sound.

Imagine this valley is located in the Cowie Creek watershed which provides water for the residents of Fanny Bay, and is a vital resource for all of the critters that inhabit the area.

Imagine this Cowie Creek watershed flows into Baynes Sound, an ecologically important area, and home to a thriving shellfish industry.

Imagine this huge waste rock dump exposed to the air, rain and other elements, and the long term repercussions.


John Snyder
Fanny Bay, BC