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Mike Ruttan worries about Raven Coal Mine's impact on Port Alberni

CBC On The Island, February 4 2015

The Compliance Coal Corporation put in a new application for the Raven Coal Mine in the Comox Valley. Mike Ruttan is the mayor of Port Alberni, one of the communities that will be affected by the mine.

On The Island host Gregor Craigie talks with Mayor Ruttan about the impacts that the proposed mine will have on Port Alberni, its roads, harbour, air and residents.

Mayor Ruttan on the purported economic benefits to Port Alberni: "The ship ... would only come in once every two weeks. ... In terms of economic impact on balance it potentially would cost us more ... than we would ever make." 4:30

Early take: "There doesn't seem to be much to recommend the project to city residents." 6:30

Click here to listen to the discussion.