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No other coal mines planned for Island

By John Tapics, Times Colonist, February 18, 2011

Re: "Meeting allows coal-mining opponents to give views," Feb. 9.

The article contains an inaccurate statement attributed to Calvin Sanborn, Environmental Law Centre legal director. The comment that the Raven Project "is already sparking other applications, including plans for two open-pit mines" is not supported by fact.

Compliance Coal Corp. has no plans to develop other properties on Vancouver Island at this time and a review of the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office records indicates no plans by others. The company holds mineral rights to some Island properties, but most mineral rights are never developed because exploration fails to define an economically mineable deposit. It takes years of exploration, planning, comprehensive environmental review and economic modelling before an application for a new mine is made.

The proposed Raven Underground Coal Project is undergoing a comprehensive multi-year federal and provincial environmental review by technical and environmental experts to ensure the environment will be protected.

Public comment is an essential element of both reviews. The first federal public comment period closed Sept. 20 and the first provincial public comment period is expected to be announced early this year.

Environmental concerns will be addressed through the environmental assessment process to eliminate or minimize potential adverse impacts.

We are working to develop a socially and environmentally responsible project that strengthens both Port Alberni and Comox Valley communities by creating 200 construction jobs, 350 well-paying full-time jobs and 500 indirect jobs.

Project information is available at

John Tapics
CEO The Raven Underground Coal Project

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