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Shellfish group asks for support against Raven

The Alberni Valley Times, March 28, 2013

The B.C. Shellfish Growers' Association executive director Roberta Stevenson asked city council for support against the Raven Underground Coal Mine Project on Monday.

"[Compliance Energy] will surely tell you that the mine is designed to protect the ocean," she said. "A mine and protecting the ocean do not go hand in hand."

She added that when Compliance Energy approached the association a number of years ago, members had made the resolution to be open-minded. However, after a couple of years, the association determined there was no ability to work with the company.

"We have looked at paperwork and the risk [of contamination] is not tolerable," she said. "The only acceptable risk is zero per cent."

She said if the mine went ahead, there would be jobs for 16 years and that in 40 years, taxpayers might have to pay for a clean up just like what is happening in Toquaht Bay.

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