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Compliance submits revised application for proposed Raven coal mine

Michael Briones, Comox Valley Echo, February 6, 2015

Despite growing opposition, Compliance Coal Corporation continues to pursue its Raven Underground Coal Mine Project near Fanny Bay.

Raven mine application submitted for assessment by environmental office

Eric Plummer, Alberni Valley Times, February 4, 2015

A provincial regulator's assessment of a mine that could bring three truckloads of coal to Port Alberni each hour is underway.

Public input on the Raven Underground Coal Project is expected to begin in March if the application proceeds.

Raven mine review committee members

Alberni Valley Times, February 4, 2015

Note: In November 2014, Port Alberni residents, Maggie Paquet and Jane Armstrong argued that the Port Alberni council should establish an ad hoc committee to be made up of volunteer experts to advise city council and city manager Ken Watson during the 30-day screening of the application for an environmental assessment of the proposed Raven Underground Coal Project.

Council agreed, and this news item lists the members of that ad hoc committee.

Company renews effort to open Raven Coal Mine on Island

Lindsay Kines, Times Colonist, Feb 4 2015

A Vancouver company is once again seeking government approval for a coal mine near Buckley Bay, much to the dismay of environmental groups and shellfish growers in Baynes Sound.

Raven re-submits application for coal mine near Buckley Bay

John Harding, Parksville Qualicum Beach News, Feb 3, 2015

Compliance Energy has re-submitted its application for a coal mine less than 50 kilometres from downtown Qualicum Beach.

CoalWatch Prepares for Next Phase of Raven Coal Review

Media Release, CoalWatch Comox Valley, February 2, 2015

CoalWatch Comox Valley Society has learned the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has received the latest Application for Environmental Certificate and Environmental Impact Statement (Application/EIS) from Compliance Coal Corporation for the proposed Raven Underground Coal Mine Project near Fanny Bay, BC.

Compliance lets another deadline pass for coal mine application

Candace Wu, Parksville Qualicum Beach News, Dec 30, 2014

Compliance Energy didn't get any coal for Christmas.

Stephen Ellis, Compliance's CEO, said the company will not make its latest self-imposed deadline of Dec. 31 to get an application submitted to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) to open a controversial coal mine less than 50 kilometres from downtown Qualicum Beach.

Asked when people can expect an application to be submitted, Ellis told The NEWS "early next year."

Raven Mine Application/EIS screening likely to commence within days

Information Notice, CoalWatch Comox Valley, October 27, 2014

The BC EAO has indicated Compliance Coal is now in the process of distributing it’s revised Application/EIS to the Working Group members. Once the Working Group members have received the revised Application/EIS, and the EAO has received the Application/EIS as well, the screening/evaluation commences to see if the Application/EIS contains all of the required information.

Gov't expecting to receive new application for Raven coal mine in the next few weeks

Candace Wu, Parksville Qualicum Beach News, Oct 21, 2014

Stephen Ellis said he's "confident" his company will re-submit another application by the end of 2014 to open a coal mine.

Ellis is the CEO of Compliance Energy, a company looking to open Raven Coal mine near Buckley Bay, less than 50 kilometres from downtown Qualicum Beach.

Raven Mine Application nearly ready for regulators

Information Notice, CoalWatch Comox Valley, October 15 2014

On October 10, 2014, the BC Environmental Assessment Office ( BC EAO) sent out a memo to the Working Group on the Raven Coal Mine Project, that Compliance Coal Corp. intends to resubmit its Application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate ( Application) for the proposed Raven Coal Mine Project in the next few weeks.

First Nations declare victory against Taseko's B.C. mine

CBC News, Nov 01, 2013

Proposed New Prosperity mine would have signficant effects on Fish Lake, report concludes

First Nations leaders in B.C. are declaring victory after a new environmental report concluded Taseko's New Prosperity mine proposal poses "significant adverse environmental effects".

Raven Coal Project fails the test on First Nations consultation

Shayne Morrow, Ha-Shilth-Sa, May 22, 2013

The proponents of the Raven Underground Coal Project have failed to address the issue of aboriginal rights and title, according to Tseshaht First Nation.

On May 16, the provincial Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) informed Compliance Coal Corporation CEO John Tapics that his application for an environmental assessment certificate failed to meet the requirements to move to the detailed review stage.

A Critique of the Environmental Review of the Raven Mine

What is Wrong with the Raven Underground Coal Mine Environmental Assessment Process

by Alice de Wolff, Mike Morrell, Patti Willis, 05May2013

Click here to download the PDF


Harper government amends list of industrial projects requiring environmental reviews

Mike De Souza, Postmedia News, April 28, 2013

OTTAWA — Building a diamond mine, expanding an oilsands mine, offshore exploration or an interprovincial bridge could soon require a federal environmental review under proposed additions and subtractions to the Harper government’s new environmental rules.But provincially regulated pipelines, facilities used to process the heavy oil from the oilsands, pulp and paper mills as well as chemical explosive plants are among those being deleted from a list of projects requiring federal environmental investigations prior to approval.

Coal mine application evaluation deadline extended

Michael Briones, Comox Valley Echo, April 23, 2013

Compliance Coal Corporation's 12,000-page document it submitted in its application for an environmental assessment certificate for its proposed Raven underground coal mine was expected to require some hard-core reading.

It turned out to be just that.

Application/EIS received by EAO

John Snyder, CoalWatch Comox Valley, April 4 2013

The Raven Coal Mine Project Application/EIS document has now been received ( April 4, 2013) by the CEAA/BCEAO and the 30-day screening period has commenced. The CEAA and BCEAO along with the Working Group will now review the document to determine if it's complete. Since the 30-day period deadline falls on a day that is not a regular business day, the deadline day for screening is May 6, 2013.

After this initial screening process is completed and if the Application/EIS is accepted it will be posted on the BCEAO website at: and the formal 180-day Application Review Stage will commence.

Compliance applying for coal mine Environmental Assessment certificate

Scott Stanfield, Comox Valley Record, March 25, 2013

The filing process will be complete when the company delivers its 12,000-plus-page document.Compliance Coal Corporation has begun the provincial application for an Environmental Assessment certificate and the federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for its proposed Raven Underground Coal Mining Project overlooking Baynes Sound.

Compliance Coal president/CEO John Tapics says the certificate is a key approval required for the project. He expects the mine will create about 350 full-time jobs and spinoff jobs in an "area that has had limited new private industry initiatives in the past few years,” he said by e-mail.

The Raven coal deposit covers about 3,100 hectares adjacent to Buckley Bay. The mine is expected to operate about 16 years.

Opposition to the project is widespread.

Compliance Energy announces submission of the RAVEN EA Application/EIS

News Release, Compliance Energy Corp., March 21 2013

Compliance Energy has filed an announcement that the Application and Environmental Impact Statement for its proposed Raven Underground Coal project is being submitted as of March 21, 2013.

Under BC legislation, once the submission has been received by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO), and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA), they have 30 days in which to accept the application, or send it back for revisions. Once accepted by the BC EAO, the project review is officially underway, with a 50 day comment period, and a 180 day review period.

Read the Canada Newswire announcement here.

B.C. and Canada take next step in One Project, One Environmental Assessment

News Release, BC Government, March 15, 2013

Note: The environmental assessment for the Raven project will be unaffected by this announcement. Nevertheless, this is a significant change in the way that environmental assessments will be done for projects in BC.

The BC Environmental Assessment Office and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the substitution of environmental assessments in BC. For more information, please read the MOU and press release.

In addition, the Environmental Assessment Office has submitted requests to conduct substituted environmental assessments on behalf of the federal government for two proposed projects: the Carbon Creek Coal Mine near Hudson’s Hope and the Sukunka Coal Project near Chetwynd.

Environmental protections don't keep pace with resource boom: audit

Andy Johnson,, Feb. 5, 2013

Scott VaughnA vast disparity exists between Ottawa's rush to develop Canada's natural resources and the rules and regulations governing that development -- resulting in major environmental and economic risks, an audit from Canada’s environment commissioner has found.

Feds drop environmental assessment of 492 projects

Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun, August 22, 2012

Critics challenge assertion that changes to Act pose little risk

Stephen Harper's Conservative government has washed its hands of environmental assessments of the nearly 500 projects in B.C. as a result of a revised Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Review not adequate

John Snyder, Comox Valley Echo, August 14 2012

Part of the public dialogue surrounding the proposed Raven Coal Mine Project has centered around the need for a thorough and rigorous environmental assessment (EA) review process. The recently released Application Information Requirements/ Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines Document (AIR/EIS) casts serious doubt on the EA process going forward being thorough and adequate.

Science must trump ideology when it comes to environmental assessment*

Jane Armstrong, Alberni Valley Times, July 16, 2012

On July 10, the CBC national news reported a rare occurrence - scientists marched in Ottawa in their white lab coats on Parliament Hill. Why? Because the Harper government is governing our country by ideology not evidence.

Expert's Report Critical of Raven Coal Mine Water Studies

Media Release, CoalWatch, July 9, 2012

A report released July 5, 2012, by noted hydrogeologist Dr. Gilles Wendling of GW Solutions, was critical of the proposed hydrogeology and hydrology studies as part of the environmental assessment process for the Raven Coal Mine Project near Fanny Bay, BC.

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