Is Coal Renewable

In today’s rapidly changing world, the need for sustainable and renewable energy sources has become increasingly crucial. Solar BC says solar is Canada’s most commonly adopted renewable energy source.
Canada, known for its abundant natural resources, plays a significant role in meeting the energy demands of its population. Coal has been a prominent player among the various energy sources available for decades. However, the question arises: Is coal renewable in Canada?
In this article, we will explore the status of coal as a renewable energy source in Canada, backed by statistics …

How the World Gradually Leaves Thermal Coal Behind

Despite a sharp increase in energy demand in China, overall coal use has decreased during the pandemic. However, the overall fall in consumption has been a pitiful 0.8%.
Other countries, such as Japan, are continuing to develop coal-fired power plants, putting the global objective in jeopardy. Meanwhile, other coal-producing countries such as Australia, Germany, as well as India are setting objectives to shut operations and shift to renewable energy.
The world has been confronted with the harsh fact that not enough is…

How a Thermal Coal Ban Can Make This Planet a Better Place

Thermal coal is the filthiest fossil fuel on the planet, a remnant of the nineteenth century that finds no place in today’s world. However, thermal coal has witnessed a comeback this year, which means danger for a planet that relies on us to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.
Canada continues to contribute to the global environmental crisis by exporting millions of tonnes of dirty coal through …

Renewables Are Expected to Overtake Coal as the Primary Source of Electricity by 2025

The renewables market is predicted to roughly double in the upcoming five years, with worldwide renewable power capacity increasing to about 2,400 GW. That is equal to China’s current power generation capacity.
The global energy crisis, along with energy security worries fueled by Russia’s conflict with Ukraine, has accelerated the global adoption of renewable sources. This is a clear illustration of how the …