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Coalwatch slams new public comment period on raven coal project

Press Release, CoalWatch Comox Valley, November 14, 2011

CoalWatch Comox Valley has slammed the recently announced public comment period on the proposed Raven Coal Mine Project, calling Compliance Coal Corporation’s responses in the latest version of the tracking table, vague, evasive, and anything but transparent.

New pitch to toughen up mine assessment

Philip Round, Comox Valley Echo, November 08, 2011

A further pitch is being made to toughen up the forthcoming environmental assessment for the proposed Raven coalmine near Fanny Bay.

Despite being in its area, Comox Valley Regional District legally has no say on whether the mine is eventually approved or not.

Tracking Table Comment Period: Nov 15-29

BC Environmental Assessment Office, November 8, 2011

November 15-29, 2011: The BC EAO is requesting comments from the public on Compliance Coal Corporation's responses, as listed in the tracking table.

The tracking table contains Compliance Coal Corp's  responses to comments provided by the public during the May 18, 2011 to June 27, 2011 public comment period.

Tracking Table:
- Raven Main Title Page (24 kb)
- Background General Comments (728 kb)
- Appendix A - General Public Comments & Responses (5421 kb)
- Appendix B - Specific Public Comments & Responses (2343 kb)

Comments may be submitted:
- By Online Form:
- By Fax: 250-356-6448
- By Mail:
Rachel Shaw, Project Assessment Mgr
Environmental Assessment Office
PO Box 9426 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9V1

Comments must:
- include a reference number to the response on which you are commenting
- provide reason(s) why Compliance Coal Corporation’s response does or does not respond to the issue;
- not include attachments
- include permission to post your name and location with your comment, otherwise it will be posted as "personal information withheld"

Click here to read the Invitation to Comment
Click here to read the Public Comment Posting Policy
Click here to visit the Tracking Table page at the EAO

Joint review for Raven coal project not in cards

By Wawmeesh G. Hamilton, Alberni Valley News, November 01, 2011

The Raven Underground Coal project will not go to a joint federal-provincial review panel, the federal and provincial government said.

Next stage critical for coal review

Julia Caranci, Alberni Valley Times, November 02, 2011

Second public input period for proposed Raven Underground Coal Project will happen 'very soon'

Kelly DrybroughThe wide-ranging environmental assessment process regarding the proposed Raven Underground Coal Project is about to enter another critical phase where public comment is invited.

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency spokesperson Maxine Leger-Haskell explained the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office will open a second two-week public comment period "very soon," although dates have not been released.

The first public comment period, held over May and June of this year, elicited comments and concerns from hundreds of area residents.

Synopsis of Comments Received on Draft AIR

Extract, BC EAO & CEAA, October 13, 2011

Please note: this is NOT the tracking table. That will be released in "fall of 2011." It is a "synopsis" of topics in the comments. It also addresses requests to cancel the EA and reject the project, requests for a panel review, and requests to consider carbon emissions from combustion of the coal.

Proposed Raven Underground Coal Mine

Synopsis of Comments Received During the Public Comment Period on the Draft Application Information Requirements/Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines

Approximately 3,000 public submissions were received, with many individuals providing multiple submissions. Over 5,000 comments were received, as one submission may contain numerous comments. The concerns most frequently raised included:

Possible assessment cuts worry groups

Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist, July 27, 2011

Opponents of Comox coal mine fear project may not get adequate scrutiny

Opponents of plans for a Comox Valley coal mine are worried the proposal will not get adequate scrutiny following possible budget and staff cutbacks at the federal Environmental Assessment Agency and monitoring problems at the provincial level.

Elizabeth May discusses environmental assessments

All Points West, CBC, July 22, 2011

Elizabeth May discusses environmental assessments with host Jo-Anne Roberts on CBC's All Points West. She gives an informed context to and criticism of funding cuts of up to 50% for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency which were announced on July 20, and the recent report issued by BC's Auditor General which was harshly critical of the BC Environmental Assessment Office for all but abrogating its duty to monitor and inspect projects which have received approval.

Click here to listen to the discussion.

Black day for green jobs: Feds prepare to cut environmental agency

By Amy Minsky, Postmedia News, Vancouver Sun, July 20, 2011

OTTAWA — The federal government will slash funding to the environmental agency that evaluates potentially harmful policies and projects before they get the green light.

Independent review of coal mine called for in light of 'broken' process

Brad Bird, Oceanside Star, July 14, 2011

Local environmentalists are critical of the provincial Environmental Assessment Office, which is one of the bodies looking at approving the Raven coal mine proposed for Buckley Bay.

Input still filtering in, public provides comment

Keri Sculland, Alberni Valley Times, July 06, 2011

The Environmental Assessment Office has a lot of work ahead of it, posting the more than 2,500 public comments on Raven Underground's proposed coal mine project, slated for Fanny Bay.

There are still comments coming in that have been post-dated June 30 due to the postal strike, CoalWatch's John Snyder said.

Raven will respond to public comment period

Keri Sculland, Alberni Valley Times, July 5, 2011

The public comment period for the Raven Underground Coal Project has come to an end, and Compliance Energy president and CEO John Tapics is pleased with the results.

Overwhelming Public Response To Coal Mine Proposal Shows The Risks Are Too Great, Says Coalwatch

News Release, CoalWatch Comox Valley, July 4, 2011

Public concern about the proposal for a massive underground coal mine in the Comox Valley is so overwhelming that it's time to put the brakes on this process, says CoalWatch Comox Valley.

Baynes Sound coal mine opposition called 'unprecedented'

By Staff Writer, Comox Valley Record, June 30, 2011

Nearly 2,000 people submitted comments about the proposed Raven underground coal mine in Baynes Sound during the 30-day public comment period that ended Monday — an unprecedented number in a provincial environmental assessment process, says the Wilderness Committee.

NDP wants more study into proposed mine's impact

Philip Round, Comox Valley Echo, June 28, 2011

The provincial NDP has formally weighed in on the Raven Coal Mine environmental assessment process - and it doesn't like way the issue is being handled.

Massive public opposition to mine proposal: 1,500 people attend three public meetings

Island Tides, June 16-29, 2011

Courtenay public meeting by Fireweed

Concerned citizens pack the house at a Raven Coal Mine Proposal hearing in
Courtenay on May 30. Photo by Fireweed

Raven Draft AIR - Selected Submissions

CoalWatch Comox Valley | Alberni Environmental Coalition
Groups & Organizations | Businesses | First Nations
Local Government & Representatives | Technical Submissions


CoalWatch Comox Valley

CoalWatch & AEC, Joan Kuyek, Socio-Economics, 03Jun2011

CoalWatch, Devlin Gailus, 24Jun2011

CoalWatch, Technical Experts Group, 27Jun2011

CoalWatch & 27 Other Organizations, 27Jun2011


Alberni Environmental Coalition

Alberni Environmental Coalition, Additional Items, 27Jun2011

Alberni Environmental Coalilition, Comments, 23Jun2011

Alberni Environmental Coalition, Air Quality, 21Jun2011

Alberni Environmental Coalition, Sustainability, 17Jun2011

CoalWatch & AEC, Joan Kuyek, Socio-Economics, 03Jun2011

CoalWatch & 27 Other Organizations, 27Jun2011


Groups and Organizations

Beachcombers Education Society, 26Jun2011

BC Shellfish Growers Assn, 25Jun2011

Citizens Stewardship Coalition, Port Alberni, Maggie Paquet, 25Jun2011

CoalWatch & AEC, Joan Kuyek, Socio-Economics, 03Jun2011

CoalWatch & 27 Other Organizations, 27Jun2011

Comox Town Residents Association, 15Jun2011

Comox Town Residents Association, 30May2011

Comox Valley Conservation Strategy, 02Jun2011

Comox Valley Environmental Council, 27Jun2011

Comox Valley Water Watch Coalition, 27Jun2011 - Attachments 1, 2

Council of Canadians, Campbell River, 26Jun2011

Council of Canadians, Comox Valley, 14Jun2011

Council of Canadians, Comox Valley, 26May2011

Council of Canadians, Victoria, 2011

Denman Island Residents Assn, 14Jun2011

Fanny Bay Salmonid Enhancement Society, 27Jun2011

Friends of Clayoquot Sound, 27Jun2011

Georgia Strait Alliance, 27Jun2011

Green Party, Comox Valley, 27Jun2011

Green Party, Nanaimo, 26Jun2011

Gulf Islands Alliance, 27Jun2011

Interfaith Statement from Hope Lutheran Church, Nanaimo, 12May2011

Heron Rocks Friendship Centre Society, 27Jun2011

Hornby Island Conservancy, 20Jun2011

Hornby Island Conservancy, 15Jun2011

Hornby Water Stewardship Project & Heron Rocks Friendship Centre Society, 27Jun2011

Kairos Nanaimo, 31May2011

Mid-Island Sustainability & Stewardship Initiative, 27Jun2011 - Attachment

Mt. Arrowsmith Biosphere Reserve, 27Jun2011

Nile Creek Enhancement Society, 15Jun2011

OPIRG, Peterborough, 23Jun2011

Project Watershed, 2011

Project Watershed, Estuary Working Group, 25Jun2011

Qualicum Beach Streamkeepers, 27Jun2011

Salt Spring Island Climate Action Council, 09Jun2011

Sierra Club of BC, 27Jun2011

Sierra Club Comox Valley, 23Jun2011

Ships Point Improvement District, 21Jun2011

Tofino - Long Beach Chambero of Commerce, 27Jun2011

Tsolum River Restoration Society, 2011

Unitarian Church, Victoria, 2011.pdf

Unitarian Fellowship, Comox Valley, 24Jun2011

University of Victoria Student Society, 16Jun2011

University of Victoria Sustainability Project, 27Jun2011

Wilderness Committee, 27Jun2011

Women's Food and Water Initiative, Port Alberni, 08Jun2011

World Community Development Education Society, 27Jun2011



BC Shellfish Growers Assn, 25Jun2011

Ecotourism Operators, Tofino, 27Jun2011


First Nations

Te'mexw Treaty Association, 27Jun2011


Local Government & Elected Representatives

City of Port Alberni, Ken McRae, 26May2011

Islands Trust Council, Sheila Malcolmson, 27Jun2011

Rob Fleming, NDP Environment Critic, 27Jun2011

Scott Fraser, MLA, Alberni - Pacific Rim, 23Jun2011


Technical Submissions

Sheila Clarson, Public Health, 25Jun2011

Andrew Fyson, 26Jun2011 - Submission 1 2 3 4

David Hughes, 26Jun2011

Joan Kuyek, Socio-Economics, 03Jun2011

Art Martell, Birds, 08Jun2011

Robert McDonald, Jun2011

Mike Morrell, 26Jun2011

Jack Morris, 27Jun2011

Maya Stano, 27Jun2011

Herbert Sullivan, 20Jun2011

Gilles Wendling, Groundwater, May2011

Wayne White, ARD & Effluent, June2011


ACRD gains seat at coal table

By Wawmeesh G. Hamilton, Alberni Valley News, June 16, 2011

The Alberni Clayoquot Regional District has a chip in the high stakes coal shipping game in Port Alberni.

The ACRD board appointed its chief administrative officer Russell Dyson as their representative to the projects joint working group.

Raven Coal public meetings were a 'sham'

Heather McLean, Comox Valley Record, June 16, 2011

Dear Rachel Shaw,

I recently attended two of the three public meetings concerning the Raven Underground Coal Mine. The purpose of these meetings was purportedly to point out deficiencies in Compliance Energy’s draft Application Information Requirements/Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines. At least 1,500 people attended these meetings and an overwhelming majority (all but a few) were opposed to the mine.

Opposition to coal port has drowned out supporters, for now

Keri Sculland, Alberni Valley Times, June 9, 2011

After three public meetings, I'd say the citizens of Courtenay, Port Alberni and Union Bay spoke their opinions loud and clear on the environmental aspect of coal.

Union Bay Hall Jammed with Opponents

Tamara Cunningham, Comox Valley Echo, June 07, 2011

Frustration and fear over the proposed Raven Coal Mine boiled over at a public meeting, Friday.

Over 400 people attended the final public meeting at Union Bay Community Hall last week to voice concerns about the controversial coalmine.

Massive Mine Proposal Meets Massive Public Opposition

Media Release, CoalWatch and Wilderness Committee, June 6, 2011

About 1,500 people attended last week’s public meetings.

The proposal for a massive underground coal mine in the Comox Valley met
overwhelming opposition at all three environmental assessment public meetings that took place last week in Courtenay, Port Alberni, and Union Bay.

“It’s obvious the public has deep concerns about the proposed coal mine and the approval process,” said CoalWatch Comox Valley president John Snyder after the final public meeting concluded in Union Bay Friday night.

Public opposition obvious at coal meeting

Keri Sculland, Alberni Valley Times, June 06, 2011

The public coal environmental assessment meeting held Thursday evening at the Alberni Athletic Hall sent a clear message that coal is not welcome in the Alberni Valley.

Images from the Union Bay meeting by Carolyn Walton










From the Union Bay Public Meeting, June 3 2011. All photos by Carolyn Walton, Journalist/Photographer, Words by Walton, 778-424-6249,,

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