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Valley coal ‘the new gold rush’

Lise Broadley, Comox Valley Echo, June 14 2013

Cumberland councillor and Comox Valley Regional District director Gwyn Sproule seemed dismayed Tuesday when she called coal mining the Comox Valley's "new gold rush."

Companies lining up with more coal mine proposals in Comox Valley region

Scott Stanfield, Comox Valley Record, June 12, 2013

The proponents of the Raven underground coal mine proposal in Baynes Sound have applied to the Province for another coal licence in the Comox Valley, while a second company is hoping to stake a claim in the Woodhus Creek/Oyster River area.

The Comox Valley Regional District committee of the whole approved Tuesday letters to the chief inspector of mines to inform terms and conditions of requested coal licences submitted by Compliance Coal Corporation and Hillsborough Resources Ltd.

Hillsborough interested in mining Oyster River area

Glacier News Services, June 12, 2013

The Comox Valley Regional District has been asked to weigh in on a Vancouver company's application for permission to explore coal mining possibilities in the Oyster River area.

Global: Coal Train, a multipart series on coal in BC

Video shows coal dust spewing from train in B.C.

A resident of Rosedale, B.C. is concerned about the “ludacris” amount of dust coming off coal trains recently, and has caught the pollution on video. Continue reading?

Global Coal Train 1 of 4: Coal Demand in BC

Jas Johal, Global News, June 10 2013

In part one of a four part series on coal, reporter Jas Johal looks at the demand for coal in BC, which is booming but not everyone wants to see the industry expand.

Math by coal mine critic doesn't add up

Nina Usherwood, Comox Valley Record, June 10 2013

Dear editor,

There are many issues about the Raven coal mine proposal including the issues brought forward by the Liberal government.

However when people, in opposition to development, put forward non-rational arguments you have to wonder if they are helping or hindering their cause

Baynes Sound coal mine described as 'moral hazard'

Mike Bell, Comox Valley Record, June 3 2013

The insurance industry has a term that fits the Raven Coal Mine project to a T — moral hazard.

A moral hazard is a situation where an individual or company engages in a high risk venture, makes a short-term profit but leaves the downstream liabilities to someone else.

Australia coal firms dig in for years of mine closings, job cuts

Rebekah Kebede, Reuters, Globe and Mail, May 23 2013

PERTH — Australian coal miners are steeling themselves for years of production cuts, job reductions and asset sales as swelling shipments from international rivals lower hopes of a recovery in prices for coal.

China’s Sichuan Province Halts All Coal Mines After Explosion

Bloomberg News, May 13 2013

China has ordered production suspended at all coal mines in the southwestern province of Sichuan after a blast on May 11 killed 28 workers.

B.C. orders Teck Coal to submit selenium plan

Mark Hume, The Globe and Mail, Apr. 15 2013

AVICC gives unanimous approval of aquifer mapping

CoalWatch News, April 14, 2013

Local government delegates at the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (AVICC) annual convention in Sooke gave unanimous approval of resolution R9 brought forward by the Village of Cumberland:


WHEREAS there are concerns that mining projects can negatively affect surrounding aquifers;

AND WHEREAS many people rely on these aquifers for drinking water:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the provincial government conduct comprehensive mapping and modeling of aquifers that may be affected by proposed mines before approving mine projects.


Bingay Coal suspended

News release, Centremount Coal Ltd., April 9 2013

Shellfish closure reinforces BC Shellfish Growers' oppostion to Baynes Sound coal mine

BC Shellfish Growers Association, Comox Valley Record, March 29, 2013

The recent harvesting closure of beaches in Toquaht Bay on the west coast of Vancouver Island due to widespread metal contamination from tailing ponds is further proof of the validity of the BC Shellfish Association’s opposition to the proposed Raven Mine Project overlooking Baynes Sound.

250 people to lose their jobs at Willow Creek mine, Fort. St. John, March 27 2013

Walter Energy has provided more details about a production curtailment at the Willow Creek Mine near Chetwynd. In a statement released Wednesday, CEO Walter J. Scheller III said the company would curtail production at the mine with 250 of the 350 losing their jobs.

The curtailment will start in April.

The Reality of Coal Jobs, Canadian Edition

, Sightline Institute, March 28, 2013

Fossil fuel spending produces little employment.

This post is part of the research project: Northwest Coal Exports

While reading up on Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline, I came across a table so compelling that I had to share the results. As I’ve pointed out before, coal sector investments are a lousy way to create jobs. It’s true in the US, and particularly in the West.

VIEW: Why Vancouver Island can do better than Raven Coal

Torrance Coste, The Tyee, March 28 2013

[Editor's note: The Tyee received this unsolicited op-ed from Torrance Coste, Vancouver Island campaigner for the Wilderness Committee. During the election season, we'll post various perspectives on The Tyee's Election Hook, labelled clearly as "VIEW."]

NDP chides government for inaction on Elk River pollution

Mark Hume, Globe and Mail, Mar. 25 2013

VANCOUVER — When Environment Canada investigators served a search warrant on Teck Coal Ltd. last spring, they zeroed in on waters in southeast British Columbia where researchers have catalogued some environmental horror stories.

Opposition to Baynes Sound coal mine based on facts

Keith Porteus, Comox Valley Record, March 25, 2013

Dear editor,

While I'm not sure why a Parksville-Qualicum writer had an editorial in the Comox Valley Record regarding the proposed Raven Coal Mine, I read it with great interest anyway.

Mining operations impacting shellfish farms decades later

Media Release, BC Shellfish Growers Association, March 25 2013

The recent harvesting closure of beaches in Toquaht Bay on the west coast of Vancouver Island due to wide spread metal contamination from tailings ponds is further proof of the validity of the BC Shellfish Growers Association’s opposition to the proposed Raven Mine Project in Baynes Sound. This closure not only affects recreational users of the beach, but has closed the Toquaht First Nation shellfish farm in the area and all wild shellfish harvesting.

‘Elk River is being poisoned’ by coal mining, study finds

Mark Hume, The Globe and Mail, Mar. 21 2013

VANCOUVER — As it flows through the Rocky Mountains, near Fernie in southeastern British Columbia, the Elk River seems the picture of environmental health, with its crystal-clear waters supporting a world-famous sports fishery.

Barry Avis - NDP Candidate for Parksville-Qualicum - on the Raven Coal Mine

News Release, Barry Avis, March 14, 2013


MLA Scott Fraser in the Legislature on the Raven Coal Mine

MLA Scott Fraser, Question Period, BC Legislature, March 13 2013

MLA Fraser (NDP-Alberni-Clayoquot) asked questions about the governments handling of the Raven Underground Coal Project, which were responded to by Environment Minister Terry Lake. Mr. Fraser then presented a petition with more  than 5000 signatures, co-ordinated by Comox Valley Water Watch.

Click here to listen to the debate

All Points West talks with Calvin Sandborn

All Points West, CBC, February 20 2013

Calvin Sandborn is the guest on CBC's All Points West, talking about the letter his Environmental Law Clinic has sent on behalf of CoalWatch Comox Valley, Fanny Bay Water District, and Ships Point Improvement District, to the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) regarding impact of the Raven Underground Coal Mine project on drinking water.

Click here to play the podcast.

CBC's All Points West

VIHA asked to address risk to drinking water from proposed Raven Coal Mine

Media Release, CoalWatch Comox Valley & Environmental Law Centre, University of Victoria, Feb 18 2013

The UVic Environmental Law Clinic today asked Vancouver Island Health Authority’s Drinking Water Officer to issue a Hazard Prevention Order to address the risk to drinking water posed by the proposed Raven Underground Coal Mine Project.

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