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Compliance files Port Alberni Port Design Concept Description

Letter, Compliance Coal Corp to Steve Samis of CEAA, April 30, 2010

Coal will be delivered to thee port in Super "B" Train belly dump highway trucks. This is a twin trailer arrangement, overall length including the tractor will be 82 feet. Total capacity of both trailers is 53.5 cubic meters with a  net weight of approximately 42,000 kilograms of product.

Highway trailers will be emptied into a drive-over hopper with a trash gate. It is proposed that the truck unloading station will be a covered structure.

Covered storage is required. It is intended that there would be storage for up to 80,000 tonnes, nominally the size of a Panamax vessel.

Panamax vessels are the largest ships capable of transiting the Panama Canal. Ships are 32.3 meter (106 feet) maximum beam, and 12 meter (39.5 feet) max. draft. Length is approx 235 meters (770 feet).

Mooring will be at berths 1 & 2, as far south as possible to minimize dredging.

Ship loading time is approx 2500 tonnes per hour, or 60-70,000 tonnes in around 25-30 hours. This is probably a two-day operation counting moves and delay time. Higher capacities are possible, but may be prohibitively expensive.

The shiploader will span 48 feet between rails and trave longitunidally the full length of the vessel.

All conveyor systems will be enclosed.

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Proposed Port Facilities


Best Management Practices for Pile Driving
BC Marine and Pile Driving Contractors Ass'n, March 2003