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Compliance resignations the last nail in the Raven Coal Project coffin

Press Release, CoalWatch Comox Valley Society, February 29 2016

In light of the February 26, 2016 press release by Compliance Energy Corporation (Compliance) that the board members and company officers have resigned, it appears the final chapter of the Raven Coal Mine Project saga is about to be written.

With the Compliance press release indicating the Company was effectively insolvent and the coal resource rendered valueless, the chances of the Raven Coal Mine Project becoming a reality are now between slim and none. It appears that the proverbial last nail has been driven into the Raven Coal Project coffin.

However, for the final chapter of this saga to be written, it requires the EAO to use its discretionary powers to terminate the Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Raven Coal Mine Project.

For the past 8 months the CoalWatch Comox Valley Society has requested that the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) terminate the EA on the proposed Raven Coal Mine Project. This request is based largely on the inability of Compliance to submit an Application for Environmental Certificate (Application) which contains the required information within a three year timeline. This timeline expired on June 7, 2015.

“For over six years the clouds of uncertainty surrounding this ill-conceived coal mine project have had a negative impact on the residents in the communities directly impacted by the project,” stated CoalWatch president John Snyder.

“The residents in these communities demand and deserve closure on the Raven Coal Project issue. A decision by the EAO to take the appropriate next step of terminating the Raven Coal Project EA would provide much of that needed closure.”

“There’s no justifiable reason to keep the Raven Coal Project EA active any longer, and with the expiration of the timeline now over eight months, it’s time the EAO makes the decision to terminate the Raven Coal Project EA and finally write the final chapter in this saga,” added Snyder.

CoalWatch gratefully acknowledges the thousands of individuals who have taken action over the past six years by raising concerns and opposition to the Raven Coal Mine Project. Make no mistake  these individual actions, whether they were large or small, have made a significant difference in the final outcome on this important issue.


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