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Raven Underground Coal Project

Updated December 27, 2012

Compliance Energy and partners are proposing to build a new coal mine on Vancouver Island. The Raven Underground Coal Project would be located on Baynes Sound, near Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island.

Raven Mine Location

The mine is projected to produce approximately 30 million tonnes (mt) over the 16 year expected life of the mine. 13.2 mt will be shipped to markets, and 16.8 mt will remain at the mine site as wastes.

On an annual basis, of the 1.9 million tonnes of raw coal per year, a little more than 0.8 mt will be shipped, and 1.1 mt will remain at the mine site as waste.

See the May 2011 Updated Project Description for more info.

The preferred option for shipping the coal is by truck to Port Alberni.

The project triggered both a provincial and federal environmental review.

An updated project description was filed with the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) in May 2011. The project was issued its final Application Information Requirements (AIR) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Guidelines in June 2012. The proponent is now preparing its formal application and environmental impact statement.

When the application is submitted, and accepted by the regulators, the project review will move into Application status. This is now anticipated in mid-February 2013. Once the application has been accepted by the EAO, the environmental assessment must complete within 180 days. One public comment period of 50 days will take place during this time, and will include open houses.

There is no indication that the company will require any zoning or permits from the Comox Regional District. Many authorizations are required from the province - including a mine permit and a lease for surface lands from the Integrated Lands Management Bureau (ILMB) - and from federal agencies (section 7.2 of the pre-application)

Compliance is the majority partner in the Raven Project. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Compliance Coal Corporation, Compliance holds 60% of the Comox Joint Venture with two partners, Itochu Corporation and LG International, both Asian trading companies each holding 20%.

Project home at the BC Environmental Assessment Office:

Project Description (May 2011)

Raven Project on the Compliance Energy website

Conceptual Site Plan -as of Nov 2010 (click on the map for the source, Figure 2.6-1, page 36)