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Stop Raven Coal mine

Lynne Wheeler, Comox Valley Echo, December 14, 2010

A letter to MP John Duncan:

I am writing to express my dire concern over the proposed Raven Coal Mine in Fanny Bay. I have attended nearly every public meeting, both in Fanny Bay and Port Alberni. I have yet to see you at a single meeting. I have been told that you support this mine because of the jobs it will bring to this valley.

Do you ever take time out of your busy schedule to educate yourself on the effects of coal mining on the environment? Not only does the acid mine drainage poison the water with arsenic, sulphates, and heavy metals, but coal is a massive contributor of CO2 gases which cause global warming. The final cost of climate change to the planet will be far greater than any profit industry and government will realize from the relentless burning of fossil fuels.

Coal is the dirtiest of all fossil fuels. I am sure that if you lived downstream from this toxic time bomb, you would not support this mine. If your family was supported by one of the 600 people employed in the shellfish industry, you would not support this mine.

If you worked at the local salmon hatchery, you would not support this mine. Why are provincial and federal governments selling our children's and grandchildren's future by allowing these reprehensible polluters to destroy our environment? Rest assured that we, the public will rise up with one voice, to shut these mines out of our beloved island. We will remember where you stood on the environment when we go to the polls.

Lynne Wheeler
Fanny Bay

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