Coking Coal Exports Are Limited Due to a Lack of Supply

According to trade data, supply restrictions impacted US and Canadian coking coal imports in July, as suppliers found it difficult to capitalize on the significant Chinese need for non-Australian coal and high maritime transport prices.
US coking coal exports declined 9.3% year to year and 20.3% month to month to 3.08 million tonnes in July, while Canadian exports grew 13.5% year to year but fell 22.3% month to month to 1.9 million tonnes in July.
From January to July, US exports were 23.07 million tonnes, up 4.5% …

The Only Underground Coal Mine in Canada Has Reopened

The Donkin mine of Kameron Coal has resumed after receiving government approval from the Nova Scotia administration. Morien Resources announced in a statement that the government has granted regulatory authority to revive the mine, which has been on preservation since March 2020.
Production at Cape Breton’s last producing coal mine began in 2017 but was halted two and a half years later owing to underground geological problems. There …

Canadian Coal Facts

The coal business in Canada produces coal for application in metallurgical and thermal purposes. Some energy suppliers not only utilize coal to generate electricity, but they also own coal plants or are engaged in coal production.
With 6.6 billion tonnes of exploitable coal reserves, coal is without a doubt Canada’s most common fossil fuel. Anthracite, bituminous, sub-bituminous, and lignite coal resources can be found in …

European Coal Prices Remain Significantly Lower Than Those in the Pacific Region

European coal prices remain far lower than their Pacific basin counterparts. Analysts believe this indicates that EU demand is weak in the face of constrained Australian supplies.
Up to this point, the front-month API 2 trade has achieved USD 178/t, vs the Ice Newcastle counterpart of USD 365/t on Ice Futures. This USD 187/t differential corresponds to a USD 68/t median discount the previous year and a USD 18/t median premium in 2021.
The two contracts are largely separated, responding to quite different factors. …

Why Are Canadian Coal Mines Eager to Expand

A lot has happened in the Canadian coal industry. Two big coal mine proposals had slipped through the national environmental review framework’s gaps.
Environment Minister Wilkinson has a key power to guarantee that projects do not fall through the cracks. This appears to be a no-brainer, yet the coal sector has been outraged and has brazenly criticized the Minister for these actions.
The Canadian Coal Situation…

Australia Adopted Energy Price Restrictions

Domestic price controls on coal and gas were implemented in Australia for a year after the governing Labor Party declared that the Greens would endorse the measure in exchange for subsidies to assist electrification. Minister Chris Bowen stated that the government had the votes to enact its energy price control policy if an agreement with the Greens was reached.
The federal government has agreed to collaborate with the Greens to establish policies to assist families and companies in making the switch from gas to electricity. Bowen stated that the “…

A Brief Summary of the Global Coal Market

Global coal demand is expected to rise relatively slightly, yet enough to reach an all-time record during the energy crisis. According to one report, the world’s coal use will stay stable in the coming years unless more efforts are made to expedite the transition to renewable energy.
According to the International Energy Agency’s most recent annual market analysis on the industry, coal consumption will …

How Ukraine/Russia Conflict Accelerates Energy Crisis

In Europe, fossil fuels account for roughly 70% of total energy use. In recent years, the continent has experienced a surge in gas usage, as gas was perceived as a cleaner energy conversion than coal and oil and more acceptable to the public than other power generators.
In terms of natural gas, the European economy is too reliant on Russia, with situations varying by country. Some countries, most notably those in…

Canada and India Discussed Renewable Energy While Excluding Coal

According to Minister Steven Guilbeault, a new agreement has been inked to collaborate with India on climate change action. It is a chance for Canada to promote its renewable technologies, particularly in terms of making clean energy a reliable electricity source.
However, coal power is not included in the agreement. This is amid Canada leading a global campaign to stop the use of coal for electricity generation and …